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Kitchen Layout Planning & Designing

Ishu Steel Craft will facilitates in indicating the workability and practicality of several equipment layouts, you can actually defining the distances you obtain comfortable, these presentations are a amazing guidance in preparing the positioning and integration of your equipments into the kitchen design and style. This idea of developing your kitchen around your equipments turns everything on its head; it is crucial to the success of any kitchen design but is too often entirely overlooked.

We Ishu Steel Craft is fully committed to assist our estimated costumers in kitchen layout organizing, designing and maintaining, to make sure high standards of quality, effectiveness and hygiene while setting up. Our industry experts are extremely trained and experienced and are able to present tailor designed end to end solutions for performing kitchen setups for restaurants, hotels and other professional places.

Ishu Steel Craft is an authorized ISO 9001:2008 and provides an extensive range of Commercial Kitchen Equipments. We Ishu Steel Craft are well known adviser for commercial kitchen, advisor of kitchen design, designers for restaurant and hotels kitchens present the services like gas tanks and pipes fitting, conceptualizing layout for kitchen designing, interior ducting, consultation and designing for right kitchen accessories of restaurants management and kitchen set-up for restaurants, hotels and cafeteria etc. The commitment and marketplace expertise result of our organization, Satisfy the clients with the efficient, aesthetic and budget requires with the good designs.

LPG Pipeline Designing and Installation

Ishu Steel Craft knows L.P.G is crucial to each and every kitchen and installation needs a knowledgeable team who makes sure reliable fitting as per ISI specifications.

Ishu Steel Craft assures the protection of your kitchen and utilizes only the most effective quality in C- class labeled pipelines and assisting fixtures to manage all the protection regulations.

Our skills also expand to specific CAD designs and cool layouts to display you all the suitable stations where L.P.G pipelines will be applied and installed.

We Ishu Steel Craft will even offer a gas usage reading of your kitchen products at peak load.

Exhaust System Ducting

Ishu Steel Craft understands the significance of exhaust systems and ducting units in a kitchen.

The kitchen is the life blood of each and every restaurant so we endeavor to create the chef and other employees as relaxed as possible by presenting state of the art products that quickly converts a Smokey kitchen into a healthy working atmosphere.

Ishu Steel Craft offers Exhaust system and ducting in cooking area, Chefs needs appropriate working environment that is main part of kitchens.

We Ishu Steel Craft offered Kitchen and Catering pieces of equipment with technical advanced tools and device with the excellent quality and high quality production with perpetual of producing best pieces of equipment in the market, so that we regarded as specialists by consultants, culinary experts and industrial professionals. An important role is performed by the effective infrastructural base in the reliable growth of the organization in this cut-throat competition. Procedure design of exhaust system will involve of:-


Fresh Air Supply System

Without sufficient air flow and clean air no kitchen will perform properly. Business oriented kitchen ventilation plays an essential element in the operations of a kitchen for relaxed working situations.

Ishu Steel Craft offer equipment to present adequate air for full air circulation to eliminate smells, vapours, steam and dangerous substances.

Our reputed organization provide the best air flow items and blowers which are power - efficient and secure for the atmosphere so the kitchen will stay positive and relaxed.


We Ishu Steel Craft endeavor to maintain you kitchen running expertly for a lot of years. Ishu Steel Craft expands this assurance by providing full customer services to show which we proper care for the kitchen. We offer regular routine maintenance visits and make sure smooth performing of your product or service that means you don't have to worried. Just pick-up the telephone and we are at your support!